DOTONBORI – THE BEST Street food in Osaka!!


Please join me as I explore DOTONBORI, the BEST place for street food in Osaka. Takoyaki, ramen, gyoza, grilled crab legs,… that place had it all!! Please take a moment to watch my video and see all the yummy things that Osaka has to offer!!

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2 comments on “DOTONBORI – THE BEST Street food in Osaka!!”

  1. Hi Sheri
    Welcome to Japan. I watched your 3 vids about Japan(Deer park in Nara, Osaka food report and Capybaras in Onsen). Nice videos! Keep UP the good vids. I became a fan of you.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ken –
      Thank you so much for watching and for your nice comments!!! I loved visiting Japan! It was my first visiting there since I was a teenager. I have several more cideos of Japan coming up within the next few weeks. Please subscribe to my channel on You Tube to be notified of more. Thanks so much again for watching, Ken!! 🙂



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