Boston – My Food-ventures in Beantown


I truly love everything about Boston! From its historic sites, to its fabulous theatre scene, to its decadent food, Boston has really become one of my favorite travel destinations.

To be fair, I have yet to visit all the places I want to eat there, even with annual trips there for work and vacation, so this is more than likely going to be just the first post of many for Boston.

Sweet Cheeks Q
Ridiculously Good BBQ!

Located in a little pyramid shaped strip mall across from Fenway Park, Sweet Cheeks Q has probably THE BEST BBQ I have ever eaten in Boston. I love their casual and friendly vibe and their food is served in gigantic (and delicious) portions.

Their buttermilk biscuits, in particular, are spectacular! (Pictured above) Each one is so large that I could eat it for several meals! The outside is flaky and buttery, and the inside is pillowy soft. It comes with a side of honey butter – which, melted on in large quantities, truly makes this biscuit close to heaven…

While there, I also tried the Pail O’ Potatoes – which is a LARGE metal pail of deep fried salt and pepper potatoes. It sounds so simple, but what makes this dish so great is the occasional thin slice of potato that is deep fried so crisp, it’s like eating a mix between a potato chip and really a good french fry. It was SO delicious!

Emack & Bolio’s
Ice Cream with a unique twist…

Just on the other side of Sweet Cheeks Q, is Emack & Bolio’s. AND, if you weren’t already too full of BBQ from Sweet Cheeks, E&B is a place worth checking out! Known for their unique cones (they have an entire showcase full of them when you walk in the door!) and their ice cream pizza (which is basically a sundae on a brownie “pizza” crust), Emack & Bolio’s has some of the best (and most picture-worthy) ice cream creations.

As a beginner to the world of Emack & Bolio’s, I ordered their fruity pebble waffle cone with one scoop of cookies & cream. I soon realized that my one scoop was more like three and a half… it was that HUGE! The marshmallow fruity pebble cone was the highlight of the ice cream, though and trying to eat the crisp AND chewy cereal off the cone became somewhat of a fun challenge. By the time I reached the end of my cone, I was smitten.

The ALL Chocolate Buffet at Cafe Fleuri
Calling all Chocoholics!

One of my most memorable experiences in Boston was going to the Saturday all Chocolate Buffet. Located on the 2nd floor of the beautiful Langham Hotel, the buffet displayed over a 100 different chocolate creations and was definitely a tiny Asian pastry girl’s dream!!

In addition to the chocolate fountain (with fruits, marshmallows, and other various cakes and brownies for dipping,) there was a made-to-order crepe station, a milk and cookie bar, cotton candy, dozens of pastries (YAY for finally earning my blog name!), mousse, tarts, cookies, bars,… so many delicious chocolate creations, I was sure I was going to leave at least 10 pounds heavier! They even had a homemade potato chip and popcorn station in case you need something a little salty after all those sweets.

All the buffet items were delicious and though I wasn’t able to try everything – with over a 100 different items, there was NO WAY – some items stood out to me more than others. One of my favorites was the made-to-order crepe (which I got with strawberries, bananas, and chocolate chips.) The guy making it was so nice and the warm, freshly made crepe was gooey with chocolately goodness by the time I returned to my table to eat it. This buffet was a true paradise for a chocoholic like me! Mmmmm!

Note: Though be warned, the all Chocolate buffet is only seasonal and runs only September – June.

Saltie Girl
Lobster & Waffles!

Saltie Girl is a cute, trendy restaurant in Back Bay that is known for their great seafood. Upon entering, I was seated at the bar and given a menu of the day’s fresh oysters. Everything on the menu looked so good, but what I really went there for was to try their famous lobster & waffles!

It might seem like an odd combination at first, but trust me… the natural savoriness of the deep fried lobster worked really well with waffle. The dish was also served with sweet corn butter (OH, so good!) and a side of spicy maple syrup. All together it was the perfect combination of sweet and savory. SO GOOD.

Frozen Hoagies

Ice cream sandwiches SUPREME!

On my first trip to Boston, I was lucky enough to find the Frozen Hoagies truck within walking distance of my hotel! I believe they also have a store front location, but there’s something special about spotting their pink truck in passing and deciding you HAVE TO stop to try a hoagie. (Well, that’s what happened to me,anyway!)

First of all, any food establishment that combines my two favorite things (cookies and ice cream) is automatically going to rank high in my book, but what makes Frozen Hoagies so special is their ice cream. So creamy and full of flavor, their incredible ice cream is what sets them apart. With flavors like: salted caramel, caramel apple, cow tracks, maple… it was so hard to decide on a flavor. I finally opted for a half hoagie with a snickerdoodle (my FAVORITE!) and one scoop of nutella ice cream. It was HEAVEN in a little tiny bowl!

Dumpling Cafe

Soup Buns!

I have a confession to make,… although I eat dim sum a lot, I’ve never eaten a soup bun before! So when I heard that Dumpling Cafe in Boston made an excellent pork and crab soup bun, I just had to go there to try it.

The buns were HUGE! (Look at it in relation to the size of my spoon in the photo above!) and were sturdy enough to be picked up (and not break open). The soup inside was rich and flavorful and the filling was just delicious! I also ordered their pork fried rice, which was just a tad bit salty (which I loved). I couldn’t eat all the 8 buns (or all the fried rice), but I had wonderful leftovers to eat the next day! They are open until 2am so it’s a great place to grab an after theatre bite to eat. (For those of us, like me, who rush to see shows and don’t get to eat first!)

Flour Bakery & Cafe

Sticky Buns

If you are in the mood for decadent, gooey, and sweet sticky buns, Flour Bakery is the place to go! They offer other delicious creations like their pies, muffins, cakes, and even offer soup and sandwiches in the afternoon, but what most people come for is their sticky buns!

HUGE and loaded with caramelized gooey-ness (yes, that’s not a word…) the bun remains extremely soft and has such a great texture. The massive amounts of pecans add a crunchy and nutty flavor and complement the sweetness of the bun. It’s so delicious and sought after that if you show up too late, it will most likely be sold out. This is the one “must-get” food item for me each time I go to Boston!

So these are my recommendations (so far…) for eateries in and around the Boston area. If you have a favorite that wasn’t mentioned, please leave a comment  below to let me know about it. I love traveling to Boston and I LOVE trying new places to eat!!

All photos by: Sheri (aka Tiny Asian Pastry Girl)

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